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Isn't it time DMTV was abolished?abolishdmtv11
Big Purple Penguin Party to abolish DMTV!abolishdmtv7
Roger the Lodger leaving Professor What!!!!!The Professor27
DMTV identsDooby Duck9
DMTV is pantsFunky Dave6
Identity of the new Professor revealed!noname8
DMTV to merge with The Road Surfacing Channel?Dooby Duck14
What is the point of EDMTVChoice2?electronic turtle9
Jeremiah Clarkton to be arrested!Dooby Duck13
DMTV Awards are a shamworm1673
Abolish DMTV now!!abolishdmtv7
Please readforumking4
45 Minutes of People Opening Boxesdigidude31
DMTV websiteEssexNigel1
Petition to abolish DMTVabolishdmtv2
DMTV NewsFunky Dave9
Greasy in NeedFunky Dave9
DMTV was much better in the old daysElvis12
If you all hate DMTV so much, why do you still watch it?Andy Norman5
Top 100 showsTimmy Talent18
Where's DMTV's transmitter?Ian0
i think dmtv is gratedmtvfan0
Does DMTV have a fire extinguisher?forumking6
I'm on the Weakest Quiz tonight!digidude10
Just letting you know I'm holding a groovy disco tonightDickie the Vicar1